When seeking legal representation, there are a number of questions you should ask during your initial meeting with the attorney. The top five questions to keep in mind are:

  1. How does your firm bill me, and what is your hourly rate?
  2. Do you have different rates for driving time and paralegal work?
  3. Are payment plans an option?
  4. Who will be the attorney of record in my case?
  5. Is this the area of law you primarily practice?

Fees and Other Legal Issues

Every law firm is different, and while most choose to “bill by the hour,” some offer “flat fees,” and others charge “minimum flat fees.” These different methods of billing can sometimes be a source of confusion. You should always understand how you’re being charged and what exactly you’re paying for before making your hiring decision.

When hiring an attorney, always be sure to ask about their firm’s billing practices, their hourly rates, and how they record time. At Crosby & Crosby, we only bill clients after the work is completed, and we send regular billing updates to provide complete transparency.

Drive Time and Paralegal Work

There are times when attorneys need to drive as part of their work representing their clients. At other times, they will have paralegals handle various administrative tasks. We don’t charge for that time and that service. At Crosby & Crosby we only charge our full rates for actual legal work that is completed in your case.

Payment Options

If you don’t have the funds to pay your legal fees in their entirety, don’t hesitate to ask about payment options. At Crosby & Crosby, we offer our clients a number of payment plan options to encourage you to seek the legal assistance you need. We never want you to hesitate to reach out to us for legal counsel because you fear being overwhelmed by legal fees.

Attorney of Record

At your initial consultation, remember that the attorney with whom you are meeting will not always be the attorney who will be handling your case. Always make sure to meet with the lawyer who will be your attorney of record before hiring a law firm.

It’s important to remember that an attorney-client relationship is just that, a relationship. At Crosby & Crosby we believe it is important to get to know our clients individually in order to provide the best possible legal representation.

Experience Matters

Most attorneys practice law in specific areas of specialty, and there are some who have never argued a case in court. With all this in mind, you should never hire an attorney who doesn’t practice in the area of law in which you need representation.

If you need a divorce attorney in Rockford, Illinois for example, don’t hesitate to ask how about the years of experience the lawyer has in handling divorce cases. At Crosby & Crosby, our practice is focused on family law. That includes legal separation and divorce, and you can feel confident that you will receive the highest quality legal representation.
If you or someone you know needs a family law attorney, feel free to contact our law office. Call us at 815-367-6432 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.