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We also understand how emotionally difficult these situations can be, especially when property, other assets, and children are involved. This is why it’s important to hire a qualified Rockford divorce lawyer who can help you navigate the case.

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In Illinois, Irreconcilable Differences

In Illinois, a petition for the dissolution of a marriage or a petition for divorce requires no stated reason other than “irreconcilable differences.” The use of that term means the parties involved do not have to state a reason for the divorce – such as adultery or abuse – other than having differences that cannot be overcome, and the marriage has failed.

As practicing divorce attorneys in Rockford and surrounding communities, we know that it is never easy to decide on divorce, but not having to prove anything other than “irreconcilable differences” makes the process somewhat less difficult.

Issues Commonly Involved in a Divorce

While, of course, every divorce is different with its own particular set of circumstances, the following are issues that are likely to be involved.

Marital Property

This would include any property obtained by either party during the marriage, such as bank accounts, real estate, vehicles, investments, and businesses, among others.

Marital Debts

These would include things such as joint credit cards, mortgages, student loan debt, car loans, and business debts.

Parental Rights

This issue involves things such as primary custody, parenting time schedules, supervised visitation, and even grandparents’ rights.

Parental Responsibilities

Closely linked to Parental Rights, this area involves matters such as academic and medical decision-making and co-parenting.

Spousal Support

Formerly known as alimony, Spousal Support or Spousal Maintenance may be temporary or long-term, and the duration and amount of support will vary from case to case.

Child Support

Like Spousal Support, Child Support varies by case and is based on considerations such as the number of children, parental income, and health insurance for the child or children, among other factors.

Child Expenses

These are based on the needs and activities of the child and include such things as school enrollment, extracurricular activities, and uncovered health expenses.

Health Insurance

Millions of Americans get their health insurance through their employer or their spouse’s employer. An essential thing to remember is that you do not have the right to remove your spouse from their health coverage during the divorce proceedings.

These are among the many issues that come up during the course of divorce proceedings, and you can go here to find a more complete discussion of these matters.

When Emotions are Running High, We Can Help

Confronting these issues isn’t easy for anyone, and it can be difficult to make the best decisions when emotions are running high. Given the many issues involved in the typical divorce and the emotions that are likely to be swirling around these matters, it is extremely important to have the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to guide you through the divorce process.

Here are some of the ways an expert attorney can be of assistance.

1) Provide answers to your questions: Whatever the particular circumstances may be, every divorce is fraught with complications and questions. Based on their experience, your attorney can answer your questions and provide a realistic assessment of the possible outcomes of various issues, such as the division of property and child custody. They can also make sure that any decisions made during the proceedings are legal and binding.

2) Provide advice related to your children: When there are children, they stand at the center of the divorce proceedings, and a divorce attorney can assist you in determining what is truly best for their welfare.

3) Provide advice on property and asset distribution: They can assist in working out an equitable distribution of property and assets including your home, other real estate you may own, investments, insurance, bank accounts, and more.

4) Paperwork assistance: Every divorce is accompanied by a mountain of paperwork, and given your lack of legal training and experience, it is very easy to miss or overlook some vital information or document. An experienced divorce attorney can make sure that all necessary documents are completed as required by the courts.

5) Assistance in court: Many divorce settlements are reached out of court, but if you must go to court to resolve matters, your divorce attorney will be at your side, guiding you through every step of the proceedings.

6) Support during all negotiations. Both in and out of court, your lawyer can assist you in all negotiations, making sure your best interests are protected and served.

7) Emotional support: Most divorces are accompanied by a whirlwind of emotions, and it is very common to feel overwhelmed by them. Your attorney can listen, and while they may not have gone through a divorce in their own life, they can provide sound advice based on their knowledge of the law. In doing this, they can help you achieve the best possible outcome as you start the next chapter of your life.

When you work with the law firm of Crosby & Crosby, you will get all of this and more including

  • Experience
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When you’re going through a divorce, the proceedings can become tedious and emotionally taxing. Our Rockford divorce attorneys advocate for you while managing all the complicated legal issues that arise, so you can focus on other important matters while our law office handles your case.

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Navigating the legalities of a divorce or other family law matters on your own is rarely in your best interest. This is a very difficult time in your life, and the laws surrounding divorce can be complex and challenging to understand without legal representation.

When you need attorneys with years of experience who offer compassionate, focused legal support, you can depend on Crosby & Crosby in Rockford, Illinois. We specialize in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, paternity, child custody, and more.

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Helpful questions about family law

How to choose the right divorce lawyer?

Choosing the right divorce lawyer, in our mind, comes down to three factors. First, is this lawyer going to be an aggressive advocate for me? Second, is this lawyer a person I can get along with personally? Third, do I trust this lawyer to communicate with me effectively? If you walk away from an initial consultation with a lawyer answering yes to those three questions, you have likely found the lawyer who is right for you.

Legal work can be extremely time consuming. Your expectations should not necessarily be that your lawyer is someone you can vent to about your personal life, as that would likely result in an unreasonably high bill. But you should expect your lawyer to keep you informed as to the status of your case. You should also expect your lawyer to listen to your wishes and concerns and use those thoughts as a basis for your case. You don’t need to talk to your lawyer everyday, but you should hear from them every other week or so.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to the Court dates. The Court system is based on a first-come-first-serve calendar, when the case is not filed as an emergency. All initial Court dates are determined by the Clerk of the Court, not of the lawyer or client. If you have a lawyer, expect the Judges to want your lawyer to do the talking, unless the Judge asks the client a question directly. You should also expect the Judge to keep the Courtroom as orderly as possible. Judges very much look down on people who speak out of turn. As for dress, the Court does not require a strict dress code, but it is always a good idea to dress professionally to show the Judge that you take the system and their Courtroom seriously.

There is a process in the law referred to as “discovery” that allows a party to a legal proceeding to discover information about the opposing party. In the context of a divorce, “discovery” is primarily used in the form of written questions and written requests for the opposing party to provide documents to the party that is doing the requesting. These are called “interrogatories” and “requests to produce.” During the process, the party answering the questions or requests must provide a written testimony, under oath, that the documents and answers are true and accurate. It is through this process of “discovery” that we are able to learn what assets a party possesses.

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