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You may be surprised to learn that Winnebago County is one of the ten deadliest in the state for traffic fatalities according to statistics reported annually by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT).

In 2021, for example, there were slightly over 6,000 auto accidents in the county, including 42 fatalities, 1,379 injuries, and involving over 11,000 vehicles.

Rockford, IL Car Accident Lawyers

At the law office of Crosby & Crosby, we have successfully represented clients in numerous auto accident cases across Illinois, and our expert attorneys have put together the following guide to help you determine what to do if you’re involved in a car accident.

Essential Things to Do in Case of an Auto Accident

If you have been involved in a traffic accident, especially one involving personal injury, you should do the following.

  • Get medical attention. Your health should always be your first priority. Traffic accidents can not only leave you injured physically but confused and disheveled. Don’t take chances by shrugging off and disregarding your injuries, even if they appear minor to you.
  • Allow yourself to be taken to the nearest emergency room for professional medical care. Your pain and confusion might be temporary or they could be symptoms of very serious, underlying injuries. Get immediate care as well as the follow-up treatment that may be needed in the case of very serious injuries.
  • Take pictures. If you’re physically able, use your cell phone camera to take pictures of the damages to your vehicle, as well as the injuries you may have suffered.
  • Collect reports and witness statements. Be sure to get a copy of the police report and if possible, witness accounts of the accident, as well as contact information for these witnesses. The officer investigating the accident should give you a numbered receipt, and you can get a copy of the accident report by calling the local police department and giving them that number.
  • Be careful what you say and do. For example, do not admit guilt, even if this seems like the courteous thing to do. Also, while you may have to provide certain information to your insurer, you are not obligated to speak with the other driver’s insurance company.

You should never agree to an immediate settlement for the damages you’ve suffered. You can be sure the other driver’s insurer will try to pay you the least amount they think they can for the damages you’ve suffered.

Reporting Requirements and Illinois’ Statute of Limitations

It’s also important to remember that all drivers in an accident must file a report with the state of Illinois in accidents involving death, bodily injury, or property damage of more than $1,500 – if all drivers involved are insured. If any involved driver does not have insurance, that reporting threshold drops to $500.

In addition, if you are seeking compensation for the damages you’ve suffered, under Illinois law, you have two years to file your claim. That may seem like a long time, but collecting all the information needed to support your claim for damages can be a long, drawn-out process, and you should file your claim just as soon as possible.

Experienced Legal Counsel is Essential

After a car crash, hiring legal counsel might not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, you may be tempted to try to save money by attempting to resolve all issues on your own without the benefit of legal assistance, but things rarely work out that way.

Having an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer working on your behalf can often be the difference between getting the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled or having to pay many of your expenses out of your own pocket.

Contact Rockford’s Car Accident Lawyers

The best way to protect your rights and get the compensation to which you are entitled is by hiring a personal injury attorney in Rockford, IL who knows how insurance companies operate and can take the steps to protect your rights.

At Crosby & Crosby Law, our highly experienced attorneys take pride in maintaining consistent communication with our auto accident clients, working with each of them to build a successful legal strategy that will enable them to secure their rightful compensation.

If you or a loved one has been injured or suffered extensive property damage in a motor vehicle accident, contact our law firm to schedule a free case consultation. Let us put our knowledge and years of legal experience to work for you.

At Crosby & Crosby, You’re Never Alone

We want you to know that first and foremost, we’re here to help you succeed and protect what you value most.

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Helpful questions about family law

How to choose the right divorce lawyer?

Choosing the right divorce lawyer, in our mind, comes down to three factors. First, is this lawyer going to be an aggressive advocate for me? Second, is this lawyer a person I can get along with personally? Third, do I trust this lawyer to communicate with me effectively? If you walk away from an initial consultation with a lawyer answering yes to those three questions, you have likely found the lawyer who is right for you.

Legal work can be extremely time consuming. Your expectations should not necessarily be that your lawyer is someone you can vent to about your personal life, as that would likely result in an unreasonably high bill. But you should expect your lawyer to keep you informed as to the status of your case. You should also expect your lawyer to listen to your wishes and concerns and use those thoughts as a basis for your case. You don’t need to talk to your lawyer everyday, but you should hear from them every other week or so.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to the Court dates. The Court system is based on a first-come-first-serve calendar, when the case is not filed as an emergency. All initial Court dates are determined by the Clerk of the Court, not of the lawyer or client. If you have a lawyer, expect the Judges to want your lawyer to do the talking, unless the Judge asks the client a question directly. You should also expect the Judge to keep the Courtroom as orderly as possible. Judges very much look down on people who speak out of turn. As for dress, the Court does not require a strict dress code, but it is always a good idea to dress professionally to show the Judge that you take the system and their Courtroom seriously.

There is a process in the law referred to as “discovery” that allows a party to a legal proceeding to discover information about the opposing party. In the context of a divorce, “discovery” is primarily used in the form of written questions and written requests for the opposing party to provide documents to the party that is doing the requesting. These are called “interrogatories” and “requests to produce.” During the process, the party answering the questions or requests must provide a written testimony, under oath, that the documents and answers are true and accurate. It is through this process of “discovery” that we are able to learn what assets a party possesses.

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