At Crosby and Crosby LLP, we have designed a client friendly approach to meet your legal needs in an easy to understand and efficient manner. We understand that our clients are real people with real legal needs, as such, we have tailored our entire process to keeping their needs at the center of what we do.

The two founders of Crosby and Crosby LLP, Mason and Tyler Crosby, are both experienced litigators, who pride themselves in maintaining consistent communication with their clients in order to build a winning legal strategy.

Attorney Tyler Crosby

Tyler Crosby

Tyler is a Rockford native and serves in a number of different community roles throughout the stateline area. After graduating high school in Rockford, Tyler attended Kansas State University and received his degree in Political Science with a Minor in Leadership Studies. Immediately following his graduation from College, Tyler attended Law School at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, receiving his Juris Doctorate degree in 2016. Upon his completion of Law School, Tyler moved back home to Rockford where he passed the Bar Exam in the summer of 2016.

Tyler has been practicing law in the stateline area since being sworn in as an attorney in the fall of 2016. Tyler has experience practicing personal injury, probate, family law and more. Tyler prides himself in being a personable, communicative attorney who puts the needs of his clients first.

In addition to practicing law, Tyler has been heavily involved in the stateline community, serving on the Board of Directors for Stateline Youth for Christ and Shatter our Silence, two local not-for-profit organizations serving the youth of the stateline area. Beyond his work with local charities, Tyler has been involved in local politics seeking to further serve the residents of the stateline community.

Outside of work and community involvement, Tyler spends his time with his wife, son, two dogs and friends. He enjoys the outdoors spending much of his recreational time fishing and hiking. Tyler is also an avid reader and continues his education in politics and history in his freetime. Feel free to bring up a recent fishing trip or book you’ve read while talking to Tyler. He is always up for a good fishing story or book discussion.

If you, or someone you know, needs an attorney, then please call Crosby and Crosby LLP, for a free consultation with Tyler to discuss your case.

Attorney Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby

Mason was born and raised in Rockford Illinois and considers the State line area his home. After growing up living in Rockford, Mason left Illinois and attended Kansas State University, where he later would graduate in Spring of 2016. Shortly after graduating from Kansas State, Mason moved back to the Stateline area, where he would attend law school at Northern Illinois College of Law, and eventually graduate in Spring of 2019. Mason went on to sit for the July 2019 Illinois Bar exam, which he passed, and has been a practicing attorney over the past two years.

During his time as a young attorney, Mason has distinguished himself as detail oriented and thorough attorney, who prides himself on excellent client communication. Mason has gained invaluable experience beginning his career as a personal injury litigator, but has recently made the transition into focusing his time on assisting family law clients. Outside of work, Mason enjoys fishing, taking his dog Copper on walks, and spending time with friends and family.

If you, or someone you know, needs an attorney, then please call Crosby and Crosby LLP, for a free consultation with Mason to discuss your case.

Niki Johnson

Niki has been a paralegal with Crosby and Crosby since the early days of our office. Niki assists Attorney Mason Crosby and Attorney Tyler Crosby with family law and probate matters. Before her time as a paralegal, Niki was the Assistant Manager at Alpine Bank, accumulating 16 years of valuable experience. Niki has extensive managerial and customer service experience that makes her a vital asset for Crosby and Crosby.

When she’s not at work, Niki enjoys spending time with her husband, Scott, and her two daughters, Maise and Kesney. Her interests include travel, anything outdoors, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In Niki’s professional journey, empathy, problem solving, and thinking outside the box has played a pivotal role in effectively addressing numerous client challenges. Niki is an incredibly dedicated individual who endeavors to support her clients during their challenging moments and rejoices in their achievements. Please stop in and say hello to Niki when you’re at Crosby and Crosby!

Brittany Matz

Brittany has been a paralegal with Crosby and Crosby since June 2022, but she has worked with Attorneys Tyler and Mason Crosby for many years at another law firm. Brittany primarily focuses her time working in family law, probate, estate planning and personal injury. Brittany has been a paralegal her entire professional career, having obtained her paralegal degree from the University of Georgia. Brittany also has a bachelor’s degree in English and has put that to good use in the legal profession. Brittany also has extensive experience working with DCFS and CASA, having been a foster parent for many years and having spent some time as a CASA Case Manager and Foster Parent Resource Worker.

When she’s not working, Brittany’s time is consumed by helping her husband DJ manage their 9 children, enjoying time with friends, and coaching softball.

Brittany is a research wiz and helps keep Crosby and Crosby up to date on the newest rulings and trends in the law. Brittany also has an incredible heart for children. That heart shines brightly through her work helping clients manage the rigors of a custody battle. Stop by and say hello to Brittany when you’re at Crosby and Crosby!

Rachael Joseph

Rachael has been a paralegal with Crosby and Crosby since March 2023, but has been a trusted and loyal confidant of Attorneys Mason and Tyler Crosby for many years. Rachael assists Crosby and Crosby with all types of matters, as well as managing the operations of the office. Rachael has an extensive background working with children as well, enjoying a bachelor’s degree from Kansas State University in secondary education. As a part of that program, Rachael enjoyed time working as a teacher in Manhattan, Kansas. Rachael is a zealous advocate for the clients she works with. While she and her husband, Jacob, do not yet have children, her fervor for clients can be exhibited by her love for her two dogs, Fletcher and Masie.

Outside of her work life, Rachael spends her time working out and running with her husband, Jacob; enjoying time with her dogs; and spending time with her family – specifically her twin sister’s newborn son, as well as her oldest brother’s two young sons.

Rachael is incredibly personable and easy to get along with. Her ability to connect with just about anyone makes her an essential member of the team at Crosby and Crosby! Feel free to ask Rachael about her dogs when you stop in! Be prepared for stories!

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Helpful questions about family law

How to choose the right divorce lawyer?

Choosing the right divorce lawyer, in our mind, comes down to three factors. First, is this lawyer going to be an aggressive advocate for me? Second, is this lawyer a person I can get along with personally? Third, do I trust this lawyer to communicate with me effectively? If you walk away from an initial consultation with a lawyer answering yes to those three questions, you have likely found the lawyer who is right for you.

Legal work can be extremely time consuming. Your expectations should not necessarily be that your lawyer is someone you can vent to about your personal life, as that would likely result in an unreasonably high bill. But you should expect your lawyer to keep you informed as to the status of your case. You should also expect your lawyer to listen to your wishes and concerns and use those thoughts as a basis for your case. You don’t need to talk to your lawyer everyday, but you should hear from them every other week or so.

Expect the unexpected when it comes to the Court dates. The Court system is based on a first-come-first-serve calendar, when the case is not filed as an emergency. All initial Court dates are determined by the Clerk of the Court, not of the lawyer or client. If you have a lawyer, expect the Judges to want your lawyer to do the talking, unless the Judge asks the client a question directly. You should also expect the Judge to keep the Courtroom as orderly as possible. Judges very much look down on people who speak out of turn. As for dress, the Court does not require a strict dress code, but it is always a good idea to dress professionally to show the Judge that you take the system and their Courtroom seriously.

There is a process in the law referred to as “discovery” that allows a party to a legal proceeding to discover information about the opposing party. In the context of a divorce, “discovery” is primarily used in the form of written questions and written requests for the opposing party to provide documents to the party that is doing the requesting. These are called “interrogatories” and “requests to produce.” During the process, the party answering the questions or requests must provide a written testimony, under oath, that the documents and answers are true and accurate. It is through this process of “discovery” that we are able to learn what assets a party possesses.

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