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Any form of legal separation can be difficult for children, parents, and legal guardians alike. Regardless of whether this legal separation involves divorce, child custody, or another similar parentage action in Illinois courts, each party is required to participate in an online, interactive educational program known as P.A.C.T.

This acronym stands for an online class known as the “Parents And Children Together” course. The purpose of this course is designed to instruct each parent or legal guardian on how to manage the struggles of raising a child or children in two households.

Parent education programs are required by the Illinois Supreme Court. In the 17th Judicial Circuit (Winnebago and Boone Counties) the “Level One” P.A.C.T. class is the only parent education program that qualifies under the Circuit Court’s requirement. Both parents are required to complete this class within 60 days of the first court date.

Here is a brief synopsis of what parents will learn in this course:

  • The emotional process for children and parents
  • A child’s reactions to legal separation or divorce
  • The effects of conflict during certain developmental stages of children
  • The time schedules for each parent
  • The need for physical and emotional safety in unsafe circumstances (domestic violence, addiction)
  • Developing a parenting plan for each household
  • Communicating professionally when co-parenting

This online course will take a person roughly 4 hours to complete and will cost $125.00 per parent. Once purchased, the class will be available for the next 30 days. Upon completion, a parent will receive a certificate that confirms you or your attorney will file with the court.

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Divorce is difficult enough between two adults, but it can be even more challenging for a child. P.A.C.T. reinforces how delicate each parent must be when they encounter legal issues before, during, and after a divorce is finalized.

This course will not only teach you how to protect your child’s physical and mental health but make communicating through custody and child support issues even easier for the parents.

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